Contemporary life makes it incredibly challenging to stay present. We are processing more information than ever before, and with so many things vying for our attention, it’s no wonder that our focus is fractured. So, what can we do to truly experience life? To show up for the people we care about? To stay grounded in the NOW?

Today on the podcast, we discuss what being present looks like in our lives. We share our own struggles to stay present when we’re overscheduled and describe the challenge of being responsive to social media for business—without getting sucked into the world of the screen.

We go on to cover the concept of psychological hygiene, exploring how to replace damaging ruminations and what-ifs with positive thoughts of being safe and whole. Listen in for insight around practices you can use to stay grounded in the moment and learn the benefits of being a fully present leader!



Themes explored in this week’s episode:

  • What it looks like to be present
  • How overscheduling makes it difficult to stay present
  • The challenge around responding to social media without getting sucked in
  • Building in the time to check in with yourself and reflect
  • Replacing negative ruminations and what-ifs with positive thoughts
  • Practices for keeping you grounded in the present (i.e.: mindfulness, breathing, presencing, etc.)
  • Why presence is truly your greatest gift
  • The benefits of being a fully present leader


Resources from this episode:


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Quotes from the episode:


“Being conscious means being aware of what’s inside of me.”

“It’s starting to freak me out when I look up and see that the whole world around me is disengaged.”

“What I became intimately familiar with is the fact that when we’re [ruminating or anticipating], we’re creating false feelings about people in our lives.”

“When you start to expect the best out of your situations or the people around you, a lot more of the best shows up.”

“What we focus on grows.”

“Air is delicious.”

“Presence is your greatest gift. It is your greatest acknowledgement of the people you’re with, it is a loving act, it is something you cannot buy and you cannot replace.”

“Who would you like to be more present with from now on?”


“It’s just truly experiencing life—experiencing the person in front of me, experiencing what’s going on around and in me, and being able to process those experiences in real time.”

“When I have too many things to do … and that mental load gets too heavy, it really feels like I have too many tabs open in my brain, and everything else that happens around me feels like an interruption.”

“[Balance] is the #1 lever I have to pull … to allow me to be successful at being present.”

“I was always in this place of what-if, and if you’re always in the past or in the future, it takes you out of being able to be present because your mind is constantly attached to something in another time zone.”

“We can all make the decision for ourselves how we want to show up, regardless of the culture. It’s just about the awareness.”

“What one internal experience, inside your body, can you witness this week?”

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