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How Robin Arzón Saved My Life

Every time I got on the bike I remembered who I was, what my purpose was and found my strength. And THAT is the gift. The consistency of grounding myself in who I am and what I am capable of.

Three Steps to a Truer Life

Why can’t we just be ourselves? Why do we fling ourselves so far from our core in the first place? We can design our life. Our time. Our boundaries. Our schedule. What we give energy and attention to. It is, inconveniently, an inside job.

10 (No, 12!) Tools for Better Meetings

Check out my new, comprehensive guide that has ten, no, twelve (!) tools you can use to build better meetings. Each one can get you a little closer to meetings that feel incredibly effective and useful.

Master the One-on-One Conversations With Your Team Members

I have heard from so many leaders that they struggle to make consistent time for 1-on-1 conversations with their team members, or that they only end up talking about the "stuff," like the project To-Do items or urgent shiny objects that popped up that day. The...

Big Work

As a self-diagnosed over-achiever, I enjoyed the validation and recognition that came from visible achievements. But the real work, the hardest most important work, is what is surfacing for me right now. I am naming this “Big Work.” And there are no medals handed out for Big Work.

A Breakdown of the Hardest Question Ever Posed to Me

The hardest question ever posed to me required me to upend a life-long belief system and rewrite the world as I knew it. The question was this: “How do you define success?” Wait, there is more than one way to define success?

Give What You Need

Six months of staying home with my two young children to keep all of us safe has traveled the full spectrum of emotions. My most effective solutions during difficult days has been to implement the exact sentiment that I desperately needed in the moment. Give what you need, and it will come back to you.

Life & Leadership Podcast: Mentoring & Sponsorship—Bringing Others with You

In this podcast episode, we’re sharing the distinctions among mentoring, sponsorship and coaching and describing how to build a network of supporters who can solve any problem that might come up. We explore what makes an effective mentor and why it’s crucial to define what you want the mentoring relationship to look like.

Our Companies Are About to Squeeze Working Parents Dry

I have long felt that support for parents was a low-hanging opportunity for organizations to improve upon. But for parents as work starts “opening up” but schools and childcare do not, support from employers who “get it” will be critical. Parents are tired, and it might just be getting even harder for them.


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