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What Type of Culture is Your Team? [3 of 4]

Achievement cultures are often very results-oriented with a drive to be the best. They often love to be competitive and move quickly to set trends. Achievement cultures often have a more direct or firm communication style, often to support quick decisions and taking quick action.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Feminine Genius with LiYana Silver

We all have an innate ability to connect to the collective intelligence. To be in our bodies. To feel. In this episode of the Life and Leadership Podcast, we are joined by LiYana Silver, the mentor, speaker and author behind Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman.

What Type of Culture is Your Team? [2 of 4]

Innovative cultures thrive on being entrepreneurial, dynamic and fast-changing. There is often a focus on being iterative and bringing first viable products to market. Innovative cultures might also get stuck in the trap of frequently changing direction, creating wasted time.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Being Present

Today on the Life and Leadership Podcast, we discuss what being present looks like in our lives. What can we do to truly experience life and stay grounded in the present? We share our own struggles to stay present when we’re overscheduled and describe the challenge of being responsive to social media for business—without getting sucked into the world of the screen.

What Type of Culture is Your Team? [1 of 4]

Primarily Supportive cultures offer more autonomy and freedom, both in decision making and how you do your work. Supportive cultures tend to have lower hierarchy, and operate with decentralized control where each unit can do what they need to do rather than get cut and dry directives from the top.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Purposeful Hustle with Deanna Singh

Today on the podcast, we’re joined by Deanna Singh, the Founder and Chief Change Agent at Flying Elephant. She explains what it means to be a Social Entrepreneur and talks about her diverse body of work that all leads back to her purpose. Her new book, Purposeful Hustle, is a field guide with colorful stories for you to align to your purpose in your work.

Moving Beyond Diversity and Inclusion to Belonging

I love and respect the work we are doing in diversity & inclusion. I think it is noble and necessary work. And, I think sometimes we are spiking the ball at the 10-yard line and calling it a touchdown. We are not getting to the outcome that we hope for: belonging.

Are your goals working together or against each other?

If you listen to the Life and Leadership Podcast, you may know we are in the middle of a 90-day challenge where we commit to goals to build positive new habits. Are your goals working in tandem, against each other or are they totally separate?

Life & Leadership Podcast: 90-Day Commitments (Part 1)

Today on the podcast, we discuss how to create meaningful change through 90-day commitments. We share some of our previous commitments, explaining how external practices (like eliminating alcohol) supported internal work (in the realm of clarity). We also explore the idea of rewiring the brain to make a new habit automatic and setting intentions that reinforce your larger, long-term goals.

Our Personal Filters and Interpretations

More often than we realize, we are not just seeing things as they are. Instead, we attach thoughts and emotions to the things around us and draw conclusions about what is happening. Here are some ideas to help you gain awareness when your thoughts aren’t serving you.


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