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Creating Your Optimized Day

In Before World (that is, before our normal routines were upended by the effects of a global pandemic), we were asleep at the wheel. Take this moment of shakeup to design your day exactly how you would like it to be. Here are some ideas on how to realize the power we have to radically redesign our own lives.

An Essay to the Future

As “normal” life comes to a halt, I can’t help but appreciate the moment of pause. It has helped me come to terms with the fact that “normal” life wasn’t normal at all. I hope we rebuild our lives remembering what was most important to us when things got scary. Our health. Our families. Our safety. And that we felt seen, understood, and loved by someone.

How companies obstruct us from bringing our whole selves to work

If we want people to feel whole that means that they can come to work, just as they are. Our organizations have some work to do to create environments at work where we can all let our humanity show. The messiness will be worth the reward of our collective wholeness.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Habits That Make You a Better Leader

Today, we are sharing the five areas of habit development that have the greatest impact on leadership prowess. We discuss the communication habits you can use to inspire employees, explaining how storytelling and emotional language expand our ability to communicate effectively and guide a team.

Shitty First Drafts meets the Perfectionist

Perfectionists and purveyors of excellence tend to avoid things because they imagine doing it perfectly and completely. Enter stage left, the “shitty first draft.” Instead of procrastinating because you imagine it as a big task, try creating a minimum viable product that would get the job done.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Year-End Review and New Year Planning, 3rd Edition

Today, we are walking you through our process for reflecting on 2019 and creating a vision for 2020. We look back at the last 12 months, sharing what we learned about tapping into a new level of commitment and welcoming the cycles of life—even when it’s painful. And we get real about the challenges we faced in this year’s planning process.

2019 Books: Reading List Revealed

I enjoyed 30 books this year, some of which I enjoyed less than others and abandoned (did you know you can do that?!), and several that I absolutely loved. Here is the full list, followed by some notes on a few of my favorites as to why I enjoyed them so much.

50 x 50 = 2,500 Hours: Use Your Time with Purpose

For a few years now I have been a little obsessed about using my time in meaningful ways. A client shared with me the idea of “Fifty for Fifty,” (working at your job for 50 hours per week, fifty weeks a year). That is 2,500 hours of your life every single year.

If you love your job, then this math looks pretty good. If you don’t, well…


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