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How Many Times Have You Just Not Asked?

Common questions I hear from emerging leaders are: How do I find a mentor? How do I get my partner to help with household management? How can I attend that awesome conference? In a lot of cases, the first step is simply… ask.

Four Conversations to Change Regarding Millennials

I have long been a proponent of changing the narrative around generations, particularly on how we describe Millennials, because what I read and hear is incongruous from what I see in the real workforce. From one Millennial to the world, here are four things to consider viewing differently.

Moving from Performance Management to Maximizing Potential

If the term “Performance Management” gives you hives, you are not alone. Let’s first move our mindsets from “managing performance” to “maximizing potential.” Here are some tips on how to go beyond a dreaded, once-a-year feedback process.

A Manifesto On Community

Often, we first think of community as a physical place, but I would challenge you to look beyond the physical, beyond the obvious. It is not a place, but a feeling. A sense of community comes from the synergy of combining and elevating these key factors.

What is Your Proud Moment for the Week?

By asking your team to reflect on their proud moments, you give them the opportunity for deliberation and the chance to share their pride when they might not do so otherwise. Sharing what you’re proud of as well is an important glimpse into your thoughts for your team to get to know what you really care about too.

Why Do Leadership Teams Fail?

It is mission-critical for the senior leadership team to work synergistically because they have direct impact over most, if not all, of the business. Here are some common pitfalls for why senior leadership teams fail to unite, and the stakes are too high to go on ignoring them.

Permission to Speak Freely?

We have grown up our whole lives believing that there is someone else that is granting permission out there, and that we should make sure we have it before we proceed. But, the permission we give ourselves is the most powerful, both when it is granted or withheld.

The Triple-Threat Challenge: Owning your time, energy, and money

Time, energy, and money are not perpetually renewal resources although sometimes we brazenly spend them as if they are. Here is a challenge for the rest of the year: make some conscious choices to stop overestimating your time, draining your energy, and blowing away your money.

Fear and the Problem of Doing Nothing

Being surrounded by other changemakers makes you question any moment of your existence that you were wasting on meaningless work. And why don’t people change? It’s simple; fear. Here are a few baby steps to get us all to do SOMETHING, and how I see things already starting to turn.

The New American Dream: Being You, and Getting Paid For It

The American Dream we once knew of a house, picket fence, and 30-year linear career hardly exists anymore. The “New” American Dream looks a lot more like being you, doing work that matters, and getting paid for it. Sounds nice, right?


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