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Life & Leadership Podcast: Mentoring & Sponsorship—Bringing Others with You

In this podcast episode, we’re sharing the distinctions among mentoring, sponsorship and coaching and describing how to build a network of supporters who can solve any problem that might come up. We explore what makes an effective mentor and why it’s crucial to define what you want the mentoring relationship to look like.

Our Companies Are About to Squeeze Working Parents Dry

I have long felt that support for parents was a low-hanging opportunity for organizations to improve upon. But for parents as work starts “opening up” but schools and childcare do not, support from employers who “get it” will be critical. Parents are tired, and it might just be getting even harder for them.

Creating Superb Teams (Using 6 Team Conditions), with Dr. Ruth Wageman and Dr. Krister Lowe

Today, on the Life and Leadership Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Ruth Wageman and Dr. Krister Lowe, the creators of the 6 Team Conditions Framework and Team Diagnostic Survey. Listen in to hear about the 3 essentials and the 3 enablers that make up the 6 Team Conditions Framework, the most common dysfunctions they encounter in teams, and how to fix them with brilliant collaboration.

Creating Your Optimized Day

In Before World (that is, before our normal routines were upended by the effects of a global pandemic), we were asleep at the wheel. Take this moment of shakeup to design your day exactly how you would like it to be. Here are some ideas on how to realize the power we have to radically redesign our own lives.

An Essay to the Future

As “normal” life comes to a halt, I can’t help but appreciate the moment of pause. It has helped me come to terms with the fact that “normal” life wasn’t normal at all. I hope we rebuild our lives remembering what was most important to us when things got scary. Our health. Our families. Our safety. And that we felt seen, understood, and loved by someone.

How companies obstruct us from bringing our whole selves to work

If we want people to feel whole that means that they can come to work, just as they are. Our organizations have some work to do to create environments at work where we can all let our humanity show. The messiness will be worth the reward of our collective wholeness.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Habits That Make You a Better Leader

Today, we are sharing the five areas of habit development that have the greatest impact on leadership prowess. We discuss the communication habits you can use to inspire employees, explaining how storytelling and emotional language expand our ability to communicate effectively and guide a team.


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