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Life and Leadership Podcast: The Entrepreneur Experience

What is it REALLY like to live the life of an entrepreneur? What are the pros and cons of becoming your own boss? Are there secrets around the experience that no one is talking about? Today, we are pulling back the curtain on the entrepreneur experience. We share the...

The Life and Leadership Podcast: Guided Meditation

Who do you resolve to be this year? As you make decisions around how you want to show up in the world, it is useful to tap into both your heart AND your mind. In this special episode, co-host Tegan Trovato leads listeners in a guided meditation to envision your next...

The Life and Leadership Podcast: Do Less and Be More in 2019

As we set intentions for the new year, it is tempting to define a rigid list of to-dos. To push ourselves to achieve certain targets and pack our calendars with the massive action necessary to reach our specific goals. But what if we left space for the unexpected? What if the next BIG thing in our lives goes beyond anything we can imagine?

What if we could do less, yet be more?

The 40 Book Year

In 2018, I set an aggressive goal to read forty books in one year. As far as reading goes, I had some catching up to do. Here’s a peek into the process, my favorite books, and a list of the full 40.

Stop Being Your Own Saboteur

You meticulously plan well-thought-out ideas, but dismantle them on a daily basis; opting instead to ignore that looming deadline, hide important emails, and test the strength of your relationships—both personally and professionally. If things go wrong, or if you get feedback that’s not exactly positive, you feel it proves what you’ve suspected all along: that you are completely inadequate. There’s a title for someone who falls into this pattern of behavior: It’s called being a Self-Saboteur.

My Highest and Best Use

I usually write about business, personal development or some other (hopefully) helpful topic. This one is mostly just about being human.

Interpretations and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Here is a brief lesson on what interpretations are and how we tell ourselves stories. If we could stop doing that when it doesn’t serve us, wouldn’t our internal narrative be a whole lot more powerful?

Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book: Hidden Brilliance

My personal journey of self-discovery and turning it into something great became the subject of a TEDx Talk, which became the book, Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvert’s Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big. It all began with a moment, a shift in mindset. A realization about myself that couldn’t be unseen.


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