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The Value of an Hour

Something in my brain clicked (or broke). I became zealous about measuring how I was spending my time, hour by hour. Time, which had been a seemingly fluid resource up until now, had a completely different color to it. My time became more valuable in an instant.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Life as a Futurist, with Rebecca Ryan

Are you curious about how current trends might impact the future? If so, you may be a futurist. In fact, we can all apply strategic foresight to plan for what’s ahead, exploring the current tends in our own lives to think through how the future could unfold—and then building a plan around the things we can control.

The Badass Lady Gang

I cannot begin to tell you enough about the value of having a network of reliable, awesome women at your disposal. These are the women who you would recommend for damn near anything. This is the badass lady gang.

This Applies to You (An Essay)

Why is it that we take in some information that affects society as a whole and feel as if it applies to us, and some things we feel do not? Please stay, this applies to you.

What Type of Culture is Your Team? Traditional Culture [4 of 4]

In traditional cultures, there tends to be a clear hierarchy and an organized structure to how work gets done and who does it. Traditional cultures tend to offer a sense of control, stability, and consistency. traditional cultures may get stuck from promoting formal communication over informal collaboration and community.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Belonging & Psychological Safety

Do you feel a sense of belonging at work? Or do you spend time and energy trying to fit in? Do you downplay any part of who you are? Do you feel safe being vulnerable with colleagues? Cultivating a sense of belonging and psychological safety is crucial for innovation, creativity, and risk-taking, yet most of us don’t feel comfortable bringing our whole selves to work.

What Type of Culture is Your Team? Achievement Culture [3 of 4]

Achievement cultures are often very results-oriented with a drive to be the best. They often love to be competitive and move quickly to set trends. Achievement cultures often have a more direct or firm communication style, often to support quick decisions and taking quick action.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Feminine Genius with LiYana Silver

We all have an innate ability to connect to the collective intelligence. To be in our bodies. To feel. In this episode of the Life and Leadership Podcast, we are joined by LiYana Silver, the mentor, speaker and author behind Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman.

What Type of Culture is Your Team? Innovative Culture [2 of 4]

Innovative cultures thrive on being entrepreneurial, dynamic and fast-changing. There is often a focus on being iterative and bringing first viable products to market. Innovative cultures might also get stuck in the trap of frequently changing direction, creating wasted time.


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