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2019 Books: Reading List Revealed

I enjoyed 30 books this year, some of which I enjoyed less than others and abandoned (did you know you can do that?!), and several that I absolutely loved. Here is the full list, followed by some notes on a few of my favorites as to why I enjoyed them so much.

50 x 50 = 2,500 Hours: Use Your Time with Purpose

For a few years now I have been a little obsessed about using my time in meaningful ways. A client shared with me the idea of “Fifty for Fifty,” (working at your job for 50 hours per week, fifty weeks a year). That is 2,500 hours of your life every single year.

If you love your job, then this math looks pretty good. If you don’t, well…

Why Learning New Skills is Becoming Top Priority

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? It doesn’t matter, that job probably won’t exist forever anyways. According to research by Manpower Group, 65% of the jobs GenZ will perform do not even exist yet. And organizations have an increased need to upskill their workforce quickly, and repeatedly.

New Reflections on Belonging

There is a crisis of connection, and I believe work can (and should) play a role to fix that. Here are my latest musings on the topic of belonging, what our roles are as individuals and as organizations, and the responsibility we have to each other to foster belonging and connection.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Making Work More Human with Derek Irvine

Today, we’re joined by Derek Irvine, the Senior VP of Client Strategy and Consulting at Workhuman, the fastest-growing social recognition and continuous performance management platform in the world. Workhuman is on a mission to shape the future of work by helping organizations connect culture to a shared purpose.

The Value of an Hour

Something in my brain clicked (or broke). I became zealous about measuring how I was spending my time, hour by hour. Time, which had been a seemingly fluid resource up until now, had a completely different color to it. My time became more valuable in an instant.

Life and Leadership Podcast: Life as a Futurist, with Rebecca Ryan

Are you curious about how current trends might impact the future? If so, you may be a futurist. In fact, we can all apply strategic foresight to plan for what’s ahead, exploring the current tends in our own lives to think through how the future could unfold—and then building a plan around the things we can control.

The Badass Lady Gang

I cannot begin to tell you enough about the value of having a network of reliable, awesome women at your disposal. These are the women who you would recommend for damn near anything. This is the badass lady gang.

This Applies to You (An Essay)

Why is it that we take in some information that affects society as a whole and feel as if it applies to us, and some things we feel do not? Please stay, this applies to you.


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