How to get Awesome.


We believe great leaders create awesome teams. We offer services for individuals, leadership teams, small groups, or total organizations. The end result will be more effective leaders, improved team culture, and frankly, just a lot more fun.




  • Leadership (emerging to executive)
  • High-achieving introverts
  • High-potential Millennial leaders
  • Individual and group coaching




  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational culture




  • Uncovering the High-Achieving Introvert: Harnessing the Unique Superpowers of Your Misunderstood Talent
  • Moving from Diversity & Inclusion to Belonging
  • Defining and Achieving Your Goals
  • Managing Your Energy: Strategies for Thriving at Work
  • Better at Feedback: Honest Conversations using coaching



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Team Awesome coaching was just that – totally awesome! Not only did I feel Katie’s consistent supportand advocacy as my coach during our sessions, but she made sure that we didn’t lose connection duringthe time in between our calls by finding unique ways to remind me that she was there for me. HavingKatie as a coach is a secret superpower in this miraculous journey we are all following to become ourbest selves.
Katie at Team Awesome is a master of leadership. Her coaching sessions made a tremendous impact on my professional and personal relationships. Katie’s ability to create a safe space for self-reflection allowed me to be vulnerable and break through old belief patterns. Her clear but kind feedback set me on a solid path to identify and achieve goals. The ability to schedule online and conduct phone meetings made it possible to prioritize goal setting on my terms as a busy working mom.

I highly recommend Team Awesome to any professional looking for goal creation support, an accountability partner, or a solid sounding board on all things leadership and personal development.

After months of struggling to live well and keep myself healthy and happy while working hard to grow my business, I knew that I could be doing better.  And, once I met Katie, it didn’t take me long to realize that she was the type of coach that I had been looking for.

Katie was able to help me dig into the roots of some assumptions and perceptions that were a) not intentional and b) not serving me well, and to develop and hardwire some more beneficial approaches and habits for managing my personal and professional priorities.  Further, she was very adaptable and capable of navigating every discussion to a positive direction–whether or not I was clear on what I wanted to talk about on any given day.

Katie’s expertise in developing teams and developing leaders very sharply emanates into her coaching.  If you know you’re stuck in the trees, Katie has the skill and acumen to shift your focus to the forest, and to always help you find your best path forward.

Katie has the ability to assess people and situations and come up with strategies and solutions that work with each individual and company she engages with. She combines a positive attitude with actual tactics that can help people become their very best.
Katie has the qualities of a truly remarkable leader. She is confident, strategic and inspiring in the way she approaches her work, with the ability to build an engaged and motivated team around her to drive successful initiatives.
I cannot say enough about Katie as a leader, creative genius, and inspirational nature. She is a natural and a true genuine partner for the business.