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Beyond Diversity & Inclusion to Belonging

While the work of Diversity & Inclusion is important and meaningful, I propose that we move beyond that to create true belonging in our organizations. In today’s world, people go to work for more than a paycheck; they go in search of belonging and purpose. In this talk we go deep into belonging to define it and understand how that differs from our previous approaches to the engagement of our teams. In order to build and measure for belonging, every leader needs to play a role in creating small, consistent moments of proof for our teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what belonging looks and feels like
  • Consider how your organization may need to operate differently to support belonging
  • Learn how to create belonging in your organization, and what hinders it
Managing Your Energy: Strategies for Thriving at Work

Despite managing our time well, sometimes we still feel exhausted or drained after everything we thing we need to fit into each day. In this talk, we examine some of the ways that we can manage our own mindset, take back control of our energy, and when that’s not enough some powerful strategies for interacting with others. Participants will understand how personal mindset and approach affects how they experience the workplace and learn some new skills to manage their relationships through honest, authentic conversations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to adjust your mindset to and why this is critical to having the energy to take action
  • Understand what brings you energy, and what drains it
  • Gain tools to manage your communication with others to build relationships at work


Better at Feedback: Honest Conversations Using Coaching

For all leaders, providing candid and effective feedback can be challenging, but for emerging leaders, it can be downright daunting. This program teaches different methods for newer managers to take a coaching approach with their teams, and allows for practical in-course application to grow the participants’ skill sets and confidence in coaching and developing their direct reports.

Key Takeaways:

  • Describe “honest conversations” and remove the mystery and fear from delivering feedback
  • Learn situational leadership and “feedforward” techniques
  • Practice the coaching approach, including empowering questions, listening, and goal setting
Defining and Achieving Your Goals

Why is it that we set goals or intentions for ourselves that often go unchecked and unfulfilled? Because somewhere in the process of setting the goal we were misaligned with what we truly wanted, focused on what we “should” do, or had no idea how to actually tackle the big dream before it just slips again to the back burner. In this workshop we tackle all of those roadblocks and you will feel ready and inspired to start small steps towards your goal. This is a workshop style presentation with exercises mixed with group discussion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set a one-year vision to guide your goal planning process
  • Define a key goal aligned with your one-year vision
  • Learn how to break down goals into sizable activities you will actually be able to do, and build in accountability for achieving them


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