As we set intentions for the new year, it is tempting to define a rigid list of to-dos. To push ourselves to achieve certain targets and pack our calendars with the massive action necessary to reach our specific goals. But what if we left space for the unexpected? What if the next BIG thing in our lives goes beyond anything we can imagine?


What if we could do less, yet be more?

Today, we are taking the time to reflect on 2018 and plan for the new year, sharing the individual and collective processes we used to set our intentions for 2019. We walk you through our key takeaways from the past year, discussing what we learned about leaving space on our calendars and leveraging meditation to achieve a new kind of clarity.

We explain how to reframe your goals in a way that focuses on openness and reveal our personal themes for the new year. Finally, we introduce you to the idea of a live visioning session, explaining how talking with a partner as if the year is complete can help you supercharge your aspirations for 2019. Listen in for a list of questions you can use to reflect on the past 12 months and learn to do less—and be more!


Theme’s explored in this week’s episode:

• Tegan’s powerful year of learning about service to others AND herself
• What Katie’s focus on gratitude taught her about being open to receive
• The value in leaving space for the unexpected
• Leveraging meditation to achieve clarity
• The individual and collective processes we used to reflect on 2018
• How to reframe your goals to Do Less and Be More
• The questions we used to reflect on 2018 and plan for the new year
• Tegan’s focus on strength in the coming year
• Katie’s attention to achieving presence through balance
• The significance of keeping commitments to yourself
• The power of a live visioning session to supercharge your aspirations


Questions for reflection and planning:

1. What relationships, experiences, and tangible things are not 10s in my life? What do I want to change, do less of, or get rid of as a result?
2. What relationships are top priority for my presence?
3. Who are the next-level people I want to surround myself with?
4. How do I want to feel in 2019?
5. What experiences do I want to have in 2019?
6. At what condition am I at my best?
7. What do I want to consume less of in 2019?
8. What do I need to release this year?
9. What do I want to create?
10. What feels fun, light, and valuable? Why?
11. What do I most believe about myself?
12. I have faith that…
13. What do I want to learn more about in 2019?
14. How will you be your best this year?

Resources from this episode:

• Listen to last year’s episode How to Reflect on 2017 and Plan For 2018
• Explore creativity with Elizabeth Gilbert and Brené Brown
• Learn more about Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way
• Join Tegan in studying non-duality with Rupert Spira


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Quotes from the episode:

“We are ALL in service.”
“What’s the point if we’re not actually there to support each other and to really be of service? Anyone can meet the people around them where they are.”
“Just being present IS being of service.”
“One of the best things I did for myself in 2018 was learning not to fill the space because it was open.”
“The most astounding thing to understand was that the answers are always there. You don’t need them from anyone else. If you can just get still, they’re there.”
“What relationships, experiences, and tangible things are not 10s in my life? And what do I want to change, do less of, or get rid of as a result?”
“I’m done trying to micromanage my way into a next small move. The big things keep coming in my life because I’m just taking my hands off the wheel a little more and going, ‘What you got, universe?’”
“Your commitments to yourself on your calendar are as non-negotiable and important as all the ones you make with everyone else.”


“Who the hell cares if the goal happened or not? I felt the way I wanted to feel. Done.”
“The BIG thing, whatever that is, won’t come unless I give it the space.”
“Do less stuff better.”
“When I’m thinking about this year is being really intentional and making sure that, as much as possible, I’m putting myself in the conditions where I am at my best.”
“It sounds really irresponsible to me to just chase after fun shit. But it totally works.”
“I don’t know why I’m so committed to everything, but then I’m okay with breaking commitments to myself sometimes. I’m making a point not to do that anymore.”

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