Who do you resolve to be this year? As you make decisions around how you want to show up in the world, it is useful to tap into both your heart AND your mind. In this special episode, co-host Tegan Trovato leads listeners in a guided meditation to envision your next chapter. For Tegan’s birthday recently, she hosted a group meditation online where people from all over meditated together – it was amazing! Be sure to find a quiet, comfortable place, grab a pen and paper, and honor yourself with some time to yourself.


A note from Tegan:

In my experience, guided meditation is the best way to access that inner world, connect with the higher self, and allow the answers to reveal themselves. Today, I am walking you through a guided meditation that will help you envision the next chapter of your life. I start by explaining how to connect with the voice in your heart and observe what your higher self has to share. From there, I guide you through a series of questions around developing an openness to abundance, connecting to the feeling of belonging, and serving your purpose in a deeper way.

I go on to explore love, encouraging you to cultivate compassion for others as well as yourself and identify the people who light your soul on fire. Finally, I ask you to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned in the last 12 months and release the relationships, experiences, feelings and material things that no longer serve you. Listen in for insight on living in a way that exemplifies your message to the world and learn the power of connecting to something greater than yourself!



Theme’s explored in this week’s episode:

• Using guided meditation to envision the next chapter of your life
• Shifting attention to the voice of your heart
• Developing an openness to abundance
• Connecting to a feeling of belonging at work and in your community
• How to serve your purpose in a deeper way
• Cultivating love for others as well as yourself
• Identifying the people who light your soul on fire
• Living your life in a way that exemplifies your message to the world
• Reflecting on the lessons you learned in the last 12 months
• Releasing the relationships and feelings that no longer serve you
• The power in connecting to something bigger than yourself


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Quotes from the episode:

“Breathe in the next chapter of your life and breathe out, with gratitude, the last year that’s passed.”
“Be an observer of what your higher self has to share.”
“While your brain is always scanning for threats, your heart is always looking for opportunity.”
“Where in your life are you a peacock? Where you just walk into the room and do the thing you know how to do well and so naturally, and where you just soar and serve from a place of strength?”
“Which parts of yourself do you need to love more?”
“Who are the 10s in your life? Who are the people that light your soul on fire? How can you spend more time with them?”
“Let your heart show you the lessons of the last 12 months. What do you now know to be true?”
“All of the lessons were for your highest good. Even if the vehicle for the lesson was painful or hard, this was for you. Give each lesson a little bit of gratitude.”
“What do you need to release at this point in your life to make room for something more powerful and exciting?”
“How do you want to connect with the thing that beats your heart?”
“Who do you resolve to be?”

Who could you be a year from now?

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